Milly Beau

After two years of New York City shows and long nights in the studio Milly Beau is back with twelve new sultry tracks.

Fronted by the soulful voice of MaryBeth Doran, they're inspired as much by Erikah Badu as they are by Wilco. Their songs sound "like a Friday night hustle meets Sunday morning reprieve."  Their debut release Party Glitter received critical acclaim from the likes of Glamour ("best new makeout music"), Blackbook Magazine, and Vogue Italia. 

Put simply, this new album is really good.  With today's distracting overload of electronic dance and synth-based songs penetrating the mainstream, Milly Beau's soaring vocals and smooth instrumentation are a refreshing reminder of how pure and melodic new music can still be.

And don't forget about the previously released "Taylor."

monnnneyyyyyy, the soul reduces when the...