Teen Daze - Four More Years

Teen Daze is hard to explain, so we've brought you a sampling of each type of effort they've put out so far; a combination of covers, originals and remixes.  With this variety of tracks over the past six months Teen Daze has quickly built up cred in the indie world, and deservedly so.  Releasing the debut EP, Four More Years, of 8 original tracks in early August, he's now on tour while continuing to float around remixes of other's popular singles.

It's easy to dig this synth, dance, and chillwave combination that's craftily intertwined into purposeful tones.  You've probably heard Japandroids' "Wet Hair," and I think you'll definitely like (or more likely love) what was done with it and the other tracks below.  Peep the rest of Teen Daze's EP as well.  Enjoy.

Teen Daze - "Saviour"

Japandroids - "Wet Hair" (Teen Daze remix)

Teen Daze - "New Theory" (Washed Out cover)